Bumps in the road

Ardala was tipping forward and rolling backward an awful lot, so Red Monkey re-adjusted Ardala’s wheels about .25″ down on Monday. It seems to have helped a great deal. We walked her yesterday and I wasn’t yanking up her front harness nearly as much as I did on Day 1.

We’re a little frustrated because we took her to physical therapy on Saturday and she swims like a labrador – all legs working in sequence. She also retains deep pain response in both hind legs. But the left, which has always been the weaker, she continues to drag behind her on her walks as well as her rolls, and she is knuckling on her right and shying away from putting any weight down on it (except for pottying purposes) when possible. Is she lazy? Too used to us hauling her rear end around for the last 8 months? How will she relearn to use that left, even just a little bit, on land if her footie is keeping her from feeling any of the ground? But how can we stop using the footie if she tears up her bare foot?

That’s what her physical therapists are for – to give us direction. So. Still, we press on. And if her next roll is a little better than her last roll, I will be happy.


One comment

  1. She did a little better on today’s roll! Still have questions about her possible laziness, but slow progress is better than no progress.

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