It’s not all sweetness and light…

The Good:

  • She is advancing her right leg about 99% of the time when in the cart
  • She is placing the right leg about 15% of that time
  • She continues to skootch her left leg ever so slightly forward
  • Her starts are awesome – no yanking needed

The Maybe Not So Good

  • What the hell are those, Ardala, muscle spasms? Rogue reflexes? Avant garde dance moves? It’s really tough to get her into her cart when she’s bunching her legs up.
  • Continued confusion as to how balance works on the slippery floor of an enclosed space
  • She just had her second walk (twice as long as normal) wherein she failed to pee. Both of these were on her butt band. Also, this afternoon she fell out of her butt band in the elevator. (wait, did I just figure that out? Is the problem neither the dog nor the servant monkey, but instead the butt band?)
  • She has decided that there is something amazing lurking in the far corners of the garage and it is IMPOSSIBLE to convince her otherwise. I really don’t want to do a wheelchair tour of the dankest recesses of the garage furthest away from the elevator, but this dog is really. damn. stubborn.
  • It’s Monday. OK, maybe that’s coloring my attitude right now.

I will work on cultivating patience, and possible carry a delicious reward to be given only when she’s in the elevator vestibule. Also, I will come home promptly after work so she can pee as soon as possible.



One comment

  1. It is, after all, not that bad. I can get her into the cart myself – it’s not ideal, but I was able to do it this afternoon. If she bunches up her legs you just have to support her and calmly massage her hip a little. Do not panic: it makes the dog panic. I still had to take her on an an extended garage excursion though.

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