Poop! The Musical

I look back at the last year and a half as a kind of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book where I chose the wrong page at every turn. Unfortunately, you can’t just go to the last sentence before committing to read the page so it doesn’t count, and then shuffle back to the “right” one. But honesty would require I update with the bad stuff as well as the triumphs, so here’s a brief litany of wrong pages I’ve turned to recently.

  • A couple of weeks ago, Ardala missed a poop or two, and then started pooping in the house. We made an appointment to see the vet, but a few days of pumpkin seemed to turn her around, so we cancelled. Guess what? Not fixed. Still pooping in the house. Vet appointment set for Friday, wherein we will determine whether this is garden variety constipation, or the beginning of the inevitable advanced stages of spondylosis.
  • When I ordered Ardala’s wheels, I did not request a counter-balanced cart. We got it and we thought it was a little high because she kept pitching forward, so we lowered it about 1/4″. Now about 20% of her walk is spent towing her – she lists to port, she goes sway-back, she’s even been crossing her front feet.

Her nerves work so well on her back right leg, but she is just not trying to use it at all. Is it my fault? Did lowering the cart force her to drag? What kind of exercise can we do with her when she’s too weak to even sit-stand?

Anyhoodle, I’m hoping Ardala’s vet appointment and subsequent PT appointment can at least point me in the right direction. I want her pooping in the right place and time and trucking along happily so I can stop second-guessing and blaming myself and enjoy my dog again.

Sorry, no pic today. A little depressed.



  1. Cheryl Stahl · · Reply

    Hi, Keep your chin up! Ardala appreciates everything you do for her! Take care, see her this coming Friday, Cheryl

    1. Hope your eye is doing better! I’ll have an update later today. She’s doing a little better with the pain, the pooping is about 50/50 for Right Place, Right Time, and we’ll be upgrading the cart.

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