Monthly Archives: June 2013


Ardala took her final journey this morning at about 8:30 am – I like to believe that trip across the bridge was a tail-windmilling full-tilt run. The last thing she remembers was being surrounded by friends old and new, and being fed chicken as she fell gently asleep. Thank all of you for your kind […]

Return of the little red wagon…

In the last three weeks I’ve written at least three blog entries which wordpress subsequently ate. I will be pasting this out of an Open Office document just to be sure. As a writer who tends to pour her heart out with words, I was so frustrated by this that I never wrote a revision. […]

It takes a village

A couple of months ago our rock star of a dog walker, Cheryl Stahl, called me at work to let me know that she had a hard time getting Ardala to even use her front legs on her walk. A very nice neighbor helped support Ardala’s front end while Cheryl worked the butt harness. We […]