It takes a village

A couple of months ago our rock star of a dog walker, Cheryl Stahl, called me at work to let me know that she had a hard time getting Ardala to even use her front legs on her walk. A very nice neighbor helped support Ardala’s front end while Cheryl worked the butt harness. We have had several dog walkers since adopting Ardala, and Cheryl has been by far the best. No flaking out, always going above and beyond. It was nice for once to have a dog walker who I felt cared about Ardala as much as we did. Unfortunately, Ardala had finally outstripped her capacity to walk her, and we were forced to let her go. If anyone is looking for a caring, professional dog walker in the LA area, I recommend her without reservation. Shoot her an email at if you need expert pet care.

Our neighbor was pretty great too. I have a tendency to be a bit of an anti-social hermit, but our neighbors in this building have been amazing. Last October, Ardala was attacked by another dog. Several people whose names I still don’t know came running with help – towels, water, hydrogen peroxide, you name it – they were there for us. Through her TPLO recovery, with her special harnesses and with her wheelchair, they’ve been helpful and kind. Like it or not, being a dog owner puts you into a huge fraternity/sorority of dog owners who share common ground no matter what religion, political flavor or race we are. And if anyone in the LA area is looking for an apartment with a pretty good pet policy (this is NOT a “25 lb and under” kind of place) in a safe neighborhood, message me and I’ll give you the contact info.

You’ve heard me rave about Eddie’s Wheels and Two Hands Four Paws already, but let me also praise the Internet in general. So many helpful communities and readers. I don’t know anything about raising a child, and generic birth control willing I will never have to, but I do know it takes a village to raise a dog.


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