Ardala took her final journey this morning at about 8:30 am – I like to believe that trip across the bridge was a tail-windmilling full-tilt run. The last thing she remembers was being surrounded by friends old and new, and being fed chicken as she fell gently asleep. Thank all of you for your kind words and support. If you need us, we’ll be drinking.



  1. The image of you pulling a wagonful of Ardala around the block so she could enjoy being outside and catching a breeze is a very heartwarming one. She knew she was loved. And that you tried everything to help her. If there is a heaven, you will meet her again there.

  2. Mary Anne in Kentucky · · Reply

    Ahh, chicken! There’s a dog at work who will be joining Ardala before much longer (severe renal failure, on IV fluids all weekend) who, if you say the word “Turkey!” will come alert and raise her head and prick her ears. For me, someone should feed me chocolate at the last moment.

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