The first year we had Ardala I was amazed that here was a pet that you could call and she would actually return to me; years spent with cats gives you a kind of Stockholm Syndrome regarding pet loyalty. Still, my recurring nightmare all the way until the very end was Ardala running out the door, jumping out of the car at a stop-light, sneaking through a fence and getting away from me. I didn’t need a shrink to analyze what that meant. Last night I dreamed I was walking Ardala and I let her off leash and she tore off down the sidewalk. The person walking with me was shocked. “Aren’t you worried she’ll get hurt?” “No,” I replied, watching her disappear into the distance, “I just love seeing her run again. And I know she’ll always come back to me.”

I think I may be ready to tell Ardala’s story, from before the wheels. Maybe later this week. Thanks for continuing to visit.



  1. Cheryl Stahl · · Reply

    Dear Ardala, You are gone but no forgotten! I am looking forward to hearing more of your story! Much love, your friend, Cheryl

  2. Mary Anne in Kentucky · · Reply

    That is a very wise dream. j

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