There’s not much to mention on the Ardala Recovery Front. Her cart abilities continue apace. We are somewhat stymied by the difference in size between two Small Pawz booties (srsly, the one we got a month ago is halfway in between the Xtra Small and Small sizes we’ve seen in stores this week) but we […]

In celebration of getting Ardala into her cart by myself with not strain or trauma (for either of us) here is an entirely random photo of her sleeping really hard.

The Good: She is advancing her right leg about 99% of the time when in the cart She is placing the right leg about 15% of that time She continues to skootch her left leg ever so slightly forward Her starts are awesome – no yanking needed The Maybe Not So Good What the hell […]

What I really wanted was the theme to Rawhide. Still, this is pretty epic…

A neighbor in our last neighborhood had a big yellow lab mix-looking dog (he wasn’t – he was part pit, some ridgeback and a host of other dogs) who was the king of the block. Which I suppose made sense – our neighbor (Hannah! Wow – I remember a dog-owner’s given name!) was the block […]

Here’s a picture from a couple of weeks ago. The tape measure is out to measure her for the wheels. That was challenging, as like her Servant Monkeys confronted by the doctor’s office scale, Ardala does not care to be quantified.